Behind On Bookkeeping?

accountingLet BizFlo handle your bookkeeping for a low monthly fee.

Many businesses find that they don't have the time or resources to keep their business records up to date and accurate. Not only does this create stress but the business is not getting the important real-time information that is helpful in making decisions that impact profitability.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping to BizFlo, we become your virtual accounting department. We are experts in accounting and the accounting software products we use. No need to worry about hiring, training, and managing employees. No need to worry about vacations, sick days, or time-consuming employee conflicts. No need to worry about employees that don't have enough work or needing to pay overtime when there is too much work.

BizFlo also provides CFO services to complement our bookkeeping services. This presents a great opportunity for any business to get the high-level advice of a CFO without taking on a big salary that many small businesses can't afford.

Because we use secure cloud servers in our tier 2+ data center, we can work with businesses in any location. Both your business and BizFlo can securely access your books anytime from anywhere that has internet access using Citrix technology, the leader in providing secure connectivity.

Accounting Services

Every business is unique and so accounting needs vary in every business. BizFlo offers custom accounting solutions that fit your business. We put together a package of services designed to not only complete all necessary accounting functions, but provide key business information to help make the business more profitable.

• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Inventory
• Payroll
• Banking
• Commissions
• General Ledger
• Reconciliations
• Monthly Reports

CFO Services
• Financial Statements
• Financial Analysis & Recommendations
• Review of Key Management Data
• Strategic Planning and Budgeting
• Cash Flow Analysis

Projects and Other Services
• Custom Report Writing
• Workflow Analysis
• Data Conversion
• International Business

Services can be quoted as a flat monthly fee or on an hourly basis. Outsource your accounting to BizFlo and get quality accounting for less than the cost of hiring your own staff.

We Specialize In Law Firm Accounting

law firmAt BizFlo we know law firms. Our experience includes single attorney firms up to some of the largest firms in the US. We cover any area of law practiced.

Many small firms can benefit from outsourcing their entire back office needs to BizFlo. In addition to taking care of the firm's billing, BizFlo handles all payables, cash receipts, bank reconciliations, payroll, general ledger, and other accounting functions. And with the firm's system run from our secure cloud servers, there are savings on computer networking hardware and licenses and IT employees and/or consultants.

Many small firms also lack the input of a CFO. Our CFO services allow a small firm to afford top-level financial input to help achieve financial targets. BizFlo software also gives the Managing Partner and other key Partners real-time access to the key financial statistics that give a clear picture of the firm's day-to-day performance.

Call today at 513-444-2074 for a complimentary meeting to learn more.

We Can Help Businesses That Export Or Import And Work With Foreign Currency

currencyMany businesses that export or import struggle with the accounting part of the business. BizFlo can help with streamlining both operations and accounting if your business exports or imports.

A common concern with exporting or importing is how to handle foreign currency and the associated fluctuations in value. Many businesses track this in a very time-consuming way on spreadsheets if at all. BizFlo works with accounting software products that help tremendously to simplify working with foreign currency. Billing, vendor payments, bank reconciliations, and financial statements are all made much easier when using a product designed to easily accommodate foreign currencies.

Our CFO services offer the option to review any foreign currency exposure and help protect the business against significant losses due to currency fluctuations. We also can advise on how to make sure to get paid on services and products sold into other markets.

Tracking of inventory is also a concern to many businesses that export. Our AccountMate® product is designed to track inventory in multiple locations as well as in different currencies. Businesses that manufacture can cost their products seamlessly even when importing some component items that are paid in another currency.

If you are thinking about expanding your business by exporting but have questions, call BizFlo at 513-444-2074 for a free consultation. We have experience in expanding business into export markets, especially in Europe.
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