CFO Services

One of the features of BizFlo that makes us unique is that we offer a complete accounting department service. While bookkeeping will take care of the day-to-day needs of tracking the transactions of a business, often a more important need is the advice and guidance of a higher-level accounting professional.

Our staff is led by a former CFO of a local manufacturing business, with over 10 years of experience managing an entire accounting staff. Additional experience includes accounting system conversions, multi-company consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, international financial reporting, and providing strategic input from a financial perspective to the firm's upper management.

BizFlo customers can get the benefit of a CFO without the cost of a full-time CFO. We put together customized plans to meet the needs of each client. A typical plan incudes quarterly meetings and additional hours to be used whenever needed. Quarterly meetings include review of financial information, review of other key performance data, financial recommendations to achieve more profit, and any other relevant discussions that the management wants to cover.

Many businesses turn to a CPA firm when they need high-level financial advice. But the hourly rates of a CPA firm are usually much higher than our CFO services. And in cases where we work with a business on their bookkeeping and/or accounting software, we are much more knowledgeable of the unique needs of the business.

Focus On Profit

The primary goal of most businesses is to achieve a level of profit that is projected at the beginning of each fiscal year. Many businesses lose sight of this most-important-of-all goal when caught up in the busy day to day activity of a business. Our CFO services keep the annual profit goal in mind with all recommendations and help not only to measure progress toward that goal, but what areas are contributing to or harming progress toward that goal.

Cash Flow Management

One major benefit that a CFO can bring to the management of a business is to work on cash flow management. Most small businesses are run on a cash basis and it is critical to perform cash flow projections to make sure the business can meet all its cash needs. On the pro-active side of cash management, cash flow projections can help detemine timing and availability of funds to invest in growing the business.

For businesses that are on an accrual basis, cash flow is often ignored until it is a problem. Also, many businesses have cash tied up in assets that are not producing profit to the business. Our CFO services can help identify areas where non-producing assets can be turned into cash or re-invested in ways that grow the bottom line.

Strategic Planning And Budgeting

The best teams in sports find that stepping on to the field with a great game plan helps achieve success much more than a weak or non-existent game plan. Your business can be a bigger winner by developing a strategic plan for both the short and long term. And if you are working with an older strategic plan, maybe it is time to revisit and update that plan. BizFlo CFO Services can also assist with putting together budgets and forecasts. Again, without these tools, a business can be at risk for achieving its desired profit.

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